About me

I'm an electromechanical engineer from Poland. During my work and education I gained extensive knowledge of electrical engineering, electronics and 3D design (models, calculations, animations). I am certified user of Inventor 2013 and Inventor 2015.

I graduated Silesian University of Technology. The field of study was Automatic and Robotics - automatics and robotics of metal processing. My master's thesis title was: “The integrated treatment cell.”
Before study I graduated electronic technical college „Elektronik” in Sosnowiec - learned occupation: Electronics technician, specialization: network and computers system.

I speak Polish and English, I know the basics of Russian and Norwegian.

I prefer individual work, but I also easily find myself in a teamwork. I like challenges that require creativity and ingenuity. I can handle a lot of engineering software, although lately I'm more focused on open source programs.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” - A.Enstein