Although in my job I created 3D models, I still have the desire to create new things. In that case I rarely use a way of parametric modeling, available in Inventor or Solidworks, focusing on free-form modeling based on blender.
This allows for a different approach and a look at the creation process, which is useful in other projects: creating high quality images, animations and presentations become suddenly much simpler and faster. And since I’m using open source software, I can take advantage of its capabilities at virtually every moment.

I have been learning blender for over a year, based on the knowledge available on the Internet and various types of publications. Like most users, I started my way with tutorials in order to move to my own projects.

My car

One of my first concept cars. It may not be perfect, but it taught me a lot – mainly that there is a long way from idea to real effects.


A few designs of necklaces made for a jewelry contest. Unfortunately, I didn't get any award, but the projects I found to be very successful.

Lego Car Factory

I’ve made this work to test my 3D skills in blender. The project, which was originally just a simple Lego car designed in Lego Digital Designer, quickly grew into a robotic production line and ultimately into the full factory. None of my previous projects (even engineering) was so extensive. About 3,500 parts (before the optimization was about 8000), the need of many details, the ground for an animation and mistakes I’ve made – all of this affected the execution time, but also provided me with a lot of knowledge and skills.