Electrics are my beginnings with engineering. As a student of electrical engineering I had contact with electrical systems and measuring apparatus. During that time I also became interested in computers (their construction, operation, repair and service).
Thanks to the SEP (Polish Association of Electrical Engineers), I worked for Rockwell Automation for some time.

Rockwell Automation is an American provider of industrial automation and information products. Brands include Allen-Bradley and Rockwell Software. The company has a lot of factories around the world, one of them is located in Katowice, where I worked.

My work in Rockwell Automation was short (because I’ve got great job offer from Norway), but even in such short time I learned some new things. As a MCC operator I was working with American standards, which are different from European (other marks in electrical diagrams, differences in technical drawings), which required attention during the implementation of tasks.
I also met the way corporations operate in and experienced the pros and cons of the shift system.


As the MCC operator, I was able to use my knowledge about electrics and electronics, which allowed me several times to detect errors in the documentation and avoid errors related to them.