PLC/Inteligent home

One of my first real contact with engineering area was work in ELKO EP company.

ELKO EP is a Czech seller and manufacturer of electrical components and iNELS home intelligent system. They have been on the
market of electro-installations for 23 years. Their specializations are relays, but they offer also other electronic devices.

I worked in Polish department as a technical seller engineer. On this position I had many responsibilities, in selling and technical area. My duty was building customer base, preparing selling offers, manage a website of iNELS and RF Control system, preparing technical documentation and instruction, training customers and also support them during installation (programing, testing and solving problems with iNELS system).

Occasionally I also improved and creating advertisements for ELKO EP offers.

Bellow I put a more information about some project I’ve made in this job.

Wholesale Center “CH Gwarek” – Tarnowskie Góry

As a technical engineer I supported the implementation of the iNELS system in the wholesale center "Gwarek" CH in Tarnowskie Góry. Initially my responsibility was to train and prepare customers to installation. The building area was about 20 000 m2, so it was really challenging, because officially range of the iNESL system was “only” 1000 m and this project exceeded the technical recommendations. Fortunately real capabilities of the system prove to be sufficient, and finally everything had worked.

Later on, I supported extension of the system, to use its full capabilities.

The Princely Pheasantry - Pszczyna

This building was smaller than wholesale center, but project was more challenging. This time I worked only myself on the programming, and the role of system was more complex. I spend a few weeks directly on the build, supporting the customer during the installation, assembly of units and system tests. My job was to make the iNELS system work according the client's guidelines and wishes. In this case, 100% of the system capacity was used: lighting control, heating and air conditioning control, alarm system and access system (hotel part of the building), GPS access and controlling.

On this project I used all my knowledge about the ELKO EP equipment and PLC programming skills.


Working at ELKO EP I’ve learned a lot about the possibilities of intelligent home systems (I’ve got to know also a some competitive products from other companies) and PLC programming. I also increased my ability to contact with clients and training people.
Most of customers was glad for my support, that even when I finished my work in ELKO EP, they stayed in contact with me.