Service/ CNC machines

Allcomp is the manufacturer of Unicut brand devices and one of the world’s several fabric cutting machinery manufacturers. This company is also the Polish distributor of the Optitex software. They produced CNC machines for the textile industry: cutters, plotters, digitizers and spreaders.

I started work in Allcomp, when I finish my job in Elko ep.

Work in Allcomp

In Allcomp I worked as CNC machines serviceman. That wasn't new for me, because I had CNC programming courses, where I got some knowledge about machines that type. I worked in a team with other people, and our main task was to provide technical support for company customers located mainly in Poland. This job required a high mobility and good planning work order. Besides repairs I conducted the installation of machines at the customer factories, run production lines and trained people how to use them.

But that's not all.

If there were days when there was no need to go to a client, I was transferred to other company departments: supporting manufacturing, assembly and warehouse. As a result, I can improved my knowledge about the products witch I repaired.

While working as a serviceman I realized many projects. Some of them I presented below:



The „Bodzio” company is one of the biggest furniture producer in Poland. Currently, the factory covers more than 100,000 m2. The company have about 320 furniture stores in Poland and employs more than 2,350 workers.

The goal of this installation was to launch the next line of the Tatakori cutters in furniture factory Bodzio in Goszcz. That was very challenging task, because only this manufacturer used these type of cutters. For that reason I didn’t know them as well as Unicut products. An additional difficulty was the fact that part of the line, on which the installation was performed, had to be launched some time to carry out current orders. Despite these difficulties, the work was ended successfully.

Golińscy – Chorzów

Golińscy is the family company which specialized in children clothes production.

In this project I conducted the installation of production line for children’s clothing blanks. The challenge in this case was a small space for machines installation. From that reason some modification were needed. Several problems were solved by design department, but rest we, servicemen, must solved. The changes and time for optimize installed devices affecting the speed of task execution, however, new solutions fully meet customer expectations.


Primaver Furniture – Barczewo

Primavera Furniture has furniture factory in Barczewo. Their product are mainly made for foreign customers.

That was one of the biggest project in with I participated. A completely new production line, with the MMS system. This solution allows the CNC machines operate on several production lines.

The implementation of all solutions took several weeks. Of course the size of the installation has brought new problems and challenges, that had to be solve as soon as possible. For this reason, the work required a large number of overtime and strong commitment.



Deltim - Łódź

Deltim is a baby stroller manufacturer from Lodz.

According to plan that installation should be a quick and easy - the customer wanted replace manual labor by CNC machines. Everything went smoothly, to the moment of first work. That wasn’t a customer from a cloth or furniture area, and the materials used to produce baby strollers are quite specific and had not yet been tested on Unicut cutters. The challenge was to find the optimum parameter values – that’s requires many tests and a lot of hours. Finally we found optimal parameters and customer accepted our solutions, although it wasn't fulfill his wishes.

Poznań Expo – Drema & Furnica fair

The purpose of the service was not only customer service, but also support any kind of trade show, and the trade presentation. That was always really challenging task, because the preparation of professional and highly elaborate booth require a lot of work.

My role at this type of work was:

  • preparing everything for transport (usually it was a fully functional mini-production line)
  • assistance in loading when sending products
  • getting to the destination before transport and prepare everything according to the requirements (power supply, compressed air, Internet)
  • unloading of the products, their installation and testing
  • after the fair (usually 2-3 days later), all activities had to be repeated backwards, although sometimes the machines were sold at the fair. Then it was send directly to client, and reinstalled in his workshop


Work at Allcomp was extremely demanding, but I’ve learned how to work under pressure of time. I also learned how work on the production looks like, and how to cooperate with the individual departments in the company. Skills gained in that work provide to be extremely useful in further projects in which I participated.